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”You don’t have exam create an writer account examination use this site – tres cool!BUT, it also doesn’t offer any monitoring features or article stats. So, you’re for your own here eg, get out your article tracking pad and renounce yourself examination filing and forgetting. What are server logs ?Basically, they are reviews you could get out of your web host that tells you where guests from your site came from, eg, exam help click from an ad on Google, exam help link from an article on IdeaMarketers. com, etc. Delayed Publishing: Many article directories take days, even weeks, examination post your content material. This is exam help double edged sword. 1. This study was performed exam compare demographic factors that affect exam help grownup’s preference in acquiring items on-line. The study of demographic affects on online shopping selections has taken place since 1995 Fram and Grady, 1997; Kunz, 1997; Mehta and Sivadas, 1995; Sultan and Henrichs, 2000; Stafford et al. , 2004; Punj, 2011; Richa, 2012; Rahaman, 2014. This consumer demographic study can help stores make selections in keeping with the characteristics of their purchasers whether they deserve to run their agencies online or basic means. For instance, Haver 2008 states that in yearung age groups known as ‘green consumer’ or amateur generation is more general examination use buying groceries online.